About the Firm

Roberts Law, PLLC, provides legal guidance in business and real estate matters to a wide variety of individuals and businesses.

Over 95% of Minnesota businesses have less than 10 employees. Unfortunately, most of these businesses cannot afford to pay several hundred dollars per hour for quality legal representation, or they are ignored by firms pursuing larger and more profitable accounts. The majority of business owners are left with the decision to either risk proceeding without legal advice, or retain an attorney and spend a significant amount of their budgets on legal fees.

I established Roberts Law, PLLC, to close this gap and provide experienced legal guidance and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses and their owners on business and real estate matters. Each of my clients has unique needs, depending on their industry, risk tolerance, and short-term and long-term goals. I believe it is important to first understand these needs in order to provide appropriate and useful legal guidance.

My clients can draw on my experience in representing a wide variety of clients, from solo entrepreneurs to multi-national corporations. Many clients choose to retain my firm as their general legal counsel so they can obtain legal guidance on an as-needed basis. I also represent clients on discreet, one-time projects. Please see the Business Guidance and Real Estate Guidance pages for more information about the areas in which I can assist my clients.

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