Billing Philosophy

For years, observers of the legal industry have predicted that attorneys will abandon the billable-hour pricing model. Unfortunately, change has not occurred as quickly as predicted. Most service providers learned long ago the value of providing a fixed-dollar price quotation.

At Roberts Law, PLLC, however, clients should not expect to receive a fee quote based on billable hours. I do not appreciate “guess the final cost” pricing models, and I see no reason to impose this model on my clients. Unless a client prefers a billable-hour model, I offer billing on a flat-fee basis, including what I call a “benchmark flat fee model” for complex transactions and matters. I strongly believe clients appreciate this cost model. I quote clients a price that take them to each step of their projects and legal matters. Even complex, contingency-rich projects can fit into a “benchmark flat fee model” model, by agreeing with clients on flat fees to progress to specific benchmarks or time periods in a project.

Flat fees allow my clients to anticipate and budget for legal fees. As a business owner myself, I understand the heartburn of an unknown and pending cost. No one enjoys opening a bill and wondering “how bad is this going to be?”


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